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We designed our kennels with our dogs in mind, so we know you'll be happy with your buddies slumber rooms. Although all sleepovers will spend minimum time in their slumber room, rest assured this is the best sleepover the foothills have to offer.

Overnight guests mingle and socialize with day care dogs all day long. At the end of the day, they retreat to their slumber room where a comfortable raised doggie cot awaits them.

We feed our boarding buddies twice per day (9:00-10:00 am and 5:00-6:00 pm.) Our dog kenneling area has 41 indoor 4'x5' dog kennels and 3 10'x10' family suites. All our dog kennels are Pfeifert soft coated kennels and have no exposed chain links - anywhere.

Nice clean kennels

We require full vaccinations for both dogs and cats, including bordatella every (6) six months for canines. We CANNOT accept one year Bordetella vaccinations. All canine visitors over 6 months old must be neutered/spayed to stay with us. Space provided, we do make some exceptions but in tact pets will have to be isolated.



Our cattery is furnished with cat condos and can board up to 9 cats comfortably. The cattery has 2 large windows to bring in natural sunshine for cat naps, bird watching, day dreaming and allows for dog watching. More importantly, we have installed a highly effective air transfer system to help our felines breathe fresh clean air all day long. Happy cat in cat condo



Health and safety of your pets being our priority, our building is climate controlled with in-floor heating systems. Additionally, we have installed an air transfer system that creates continuous air exchanges inside the building.

With stability in our overnight boarding and continuous, fast growth in the daycare program, we built a fourth outdoor yard and redesigned the indoor facility to include large down time kennels for our daycare buddies. Our Pet Center now features:

  • Over 11,000 sq. ft. of outdoor play areas. We have 4 very large 6-8' fenced outdoor yards, 3 with rolled rock and one that is 90% concrete.
  • All yards have natural trees for shade with added large permanent shade structures for shelter from the sun, rain or snow.
  • We have 2 large isolation areas for pups that need to be alone, yet get some fresh air and outdoor time and a large concrete patio for smaller buddies.

We separate our dogs based on boarding vs. daycare, as the daycare doggies come in with 100% more energy than their boarding friends. Then we separate based on temperament, age and size and also, us knowing our dog's personalities. Our clients always have the preference of how, and where they want their dogs to spend their time with us. Weather providing, your best friend(s) will spend most of their time outdoors.

Our complex is completely fenced and weather providing, your best friend(s) will spend most of their time outdoors.

In a full day of daycare, your buddy will get tons of love; including, but not limited to hugs, ear scratching, belly rubs, petting, 2 legged walking, dancing, running, playing, swimming, jumping, people laps to sit on and any other kind of unconditional love they so deserve. They will be supervised at all times and will literally have 'run of the grounds' - doggie playgrounds that is.

You, in turn, will have peace at home with a tired, worn-out and happy pooch - a tired pooch is a happy pooch and a happy pooch makes happy humans!

Dogs having fun




Our 600 sq ft grooming area is a large three station salon, featuring:

  • Three large state of the art grooming tables
  • Two large bathing tubs
  • Separate drying room equipped with 2 exhaust fans

We currently lease the Grooming to Jen Emerson - a wonderful new addition!

Available Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays Saturdays and every other Sunday (first Sunday will be 3/14) She will be off Wendesdays and Thursdays).

Jen has always been extremely passionate about animal care. She has worked at kennels, doggy daycares and pet stores until she found her true passion for grooming in 2008.Jen lived in New Zealand for several years, where she was an area manager for multiple salons, while still grooming all breeds of dogs, cats and rabbits. She has learned the art of grooming from many mentors, and with excellent guidance over the years she has acquired her own unique style. She regularly researches new products, equipment, and techniques to help make your pet remain comfortable and looking their best. Jen has never turned down a challenging pet, regardless of their breed, coat quality or their temperament. If your pet is too fearful or anxious, she will go slow and if needed, offer advice to help your pet learn to feel more safe and calm with grooming.

With her unique attention to detail and compassion, she sets the standard high for the grooming industry. Jen is originally from Evergreen, Colorado and recently moved back due to her love of the local lifestyle. She used to love traveling the world and enjoying live music, but now spends her free time relaxing with her two dogs (Meela and Nibbler), caring for her African Bull Frog (Ernie) and particularly loves horticulture (cacti and tropical plants are her favorite!).

Jen is very excited to join the amazing and caring staff of Canines' Canyon. She knows that your pets are family and looks forward to taking care of them!



We feed our boarders Natural Balance thus, we carry and sell several varieties of Natural Balance dry and Canned foods. We will special order your buddies favorite type of Natural Balance food- but only Natural Balance.


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